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  1. The Best Way to Select an Agent That Is Right for You

    Here is a revolutionary idea; when you buy insurance, you are buying service and advice from the agent.  Insurance is not a commodity, it is a service.  Yes, you get an insurance policy; however, not all policies are created equal.  We believe that the best way to buy insurance is to select a qualified and […]

  2. Texas Property Insurance

    by blilly

    Texas Commercial Property Risks No two businesses are alike. That is why you need a  business insurance program designed specifically for your business. When it comes to managing your property, there is nothing better than having an agent with a deep understanding of your risks, the market, and the qualifications to design a program to […]

  3. Insurable Risks Derived From Growing Businesses

    by blilly

    A Texas business insurance review Recently, small business owners were surveyed to help identify some of the top risks they faced when growing their businesses.  Many small business owners are unaware of the new, and increased, risks that come with growth.  For example, many business owners erroneously think that a claim is not covered, so […]

  4. Believe It Or Not…Employers Do Get Sued By Employees

    by blilly

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    What you need to know about discrimination claims Your employees can be, and should be, your most important asset. Often, they are the front line of customer services. They solve problems, sell your products and services, and represent your business to your customers and prospects. Managing employees can be rewarding and challenging at the same […]

  5. Common Texas Auto Insurance Claims

    by blilly

    Texas Auto Insurance Auto insurance plays an important role in society. It protects you from liability and covers the damage in the event of an accident.  Remember each auto insurance policy is different, and if you purchased your auto insurance online you may not have proper coverage. Claims will be paid based on your individual […]

  6. Is Your Texas Business Prepared For A Loss?

    by blilly

    A Texas Business Insurance Update Your business insurance can respond to many kinds of risks and losses.  Protecting your business from loss can mean the difference between having a great year, and having to close your doors.  According to the Insurance Information Institute, 30% of businesses that have a fire never re-open.  Therefore, it pays […]

  7. Have You Considered Professional Liability Insurance?

    by blilly

    Most Texas businesses purchase general liability insurance to protect their businesses against certain kinds of claims. These claims could include bodily injury and property damage. It is very important for businesses to understand the difference between professional liability and general liability. Professional Liability insurance, also called “Errors & Omissions” insurance, protects against a claim from […]

  8. How To Reduce Your Texas Motorcycle Insurance Premiums

    by blilly

    A Texas Motorcycle Insurance Update Are you shopping for the right combination of coverage, price, and service for your motorcycle insurance?  Look no longer, let us shop for you. We have access to a number of very competitive motorcycle insurance companies. There are several things you can do to help reduce your motorcycle insurance costs. […]

  9. Will Insurance Ever Go On Sale?

    A Texas Insurance Update Personal insurance and Business Insurance will never go “on sale.”  You will never see a 25% off or black Friday deal on homeowner’s insurance.  Buy one get one free for auto insurance is not going to be part of the insurance buying process.  There is a very good reason for this. […]

  10. Is Your Texas Business Protected From Cyber Risk?

    by blilly

    Almost every Texas business has a cyber liability exposure.  Most businesses are securing some form of coverage to protect their companies from these types of threats.  A recent report by a leading insurance firm said that purchases of cyber insurance grew over 30% in the last year.  It has become clear that even a good […]

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