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  1. College Students And insurance

    by Bob Lilly

    Texas Personal Insurance This time of year, many recent high school graduates are preparing for their next phase of life.  Their plans may include heading off to college in another city or state.  One of the most important things they will need at school is something that doesn’t have to be packed at all – […]

  2. Is Insurance A Noble Profession?

    We believe without question that insurance is a noble profession. Our reason for this is that the purpose of insurance is to protect society, businesses, and individuals from financial loss and to help them recover when loss or damage occurs. Google defines “noble” as having, or showing, fine personal qualities or high moral principles and […]

  3. Questions You Should Ask During Open Enrollment

    by Bob Lilly

    Open enrollment is here, and it is time to consider renewing your individual health plan, or consider a new one. We can help you review your options and get you the best coverage for yourself and your family. Here are a few questions you need to ask and consider before you enroll: Do you understand […]

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