Umbrella Insurance Offers Added Protection

by Bob Lilly

A Texas Personal Insurance Update

You have worked hard to build a good life for yourself and your family. You own a home, have two cars and a boat, and you might even have a second home. You have also built a financial future for your family with a 401k plan and other investments. One accident can wipe all that out by not having enough insurance.

A personal umbrella policy can protect your assets in the event of a major accident. A personal umbrella policy adds additional limits above your auto and home insurance policies. Let’s face it, litigation resulting from an accident can be costly to you. Think about this, you are having a holiday party, and someone goes home slightly drunk and cause an accident. Think you won’t get sued? Think again.  A lawsuit and all the related expenses could destroy your financial security, but a personal umbrella policy could protect you.

Take some time to add up all your personal assets including; your home, investments, 401k plan, future income, and the value of your personal property. All these are exposed to the possibility to be taken, if you are involved in costly litigation.

At McKinley & DiMarco Insurance Services, we give you the personalized service that you deserve. Many consumers don’t know it, but independent providers can usually get you the best coverage for your money; they’re not tied to a specific company, and can pick and choose plans from different providers. As we begin the process, one of our experienced agents will sit down with you and learn about your specific situation. Then, we’ll compare plans from our different carriers to find you the best value and ensure you are protected. Our policy is to treat customers like family, and we give every client the attention he or she deserves.

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