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  1. A Guide to Texas Earthquake Insurance

    by Bob Lilly

    We had an earthquake in Taxes this week. Earthquakes occur almost every day in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle, and Portland. Most are not large enough to cause damage, but sooner or later a one will hit. The resulting damage, loss of life, and the impact on our economy could be devastating. Many businesses and […]

  2. How To Serve Up Texas Restaurant Insurance

    by Bob Lilly

    Restaurants, Bars, Taverns and Catering Services Running a restaurant can be tough, but rewarding at the same time. Your restaurant is a meeting place for friends and family, and you have regular customers that are the keys to your success. But there are risks in running a restaurant, and you need the right business insurance […]

  3. Recovery After A Cyber Loss

    by Bob Lilly

    According to IT Business Edge, 50% of Texas businesses listed cyber security as one of their top five business risks. Cyber liability is the risk posed by conducting Texas business over the Internet, over other networks, or using electronic storage technology. It covers third party losses from hackers, theft, and loss of information including sensitive […]

  4. Does Your Texas Business Need An Insurance Review?

    by Bob Lilly

    Benefits of a Business Insurance Review Every Texas business, at some time, should have their business insurance reviewed by an independent insurance agent like MRD Insurance. If it has been more than a year since your last review, now may be a good time. We review all our clients’ insurance needs on a regular basis. […]

  5. Insurance for New Businesses In Texas

    by Bob Lilly

    Startup businesses are exposed to a wide variety of issues including business insurance, risks, and concerns. There are many different decisions that, as a new business owner, you need to make, and selecting the right commercial insurance is one of them. At MRD Insurance Services, we know that your Texas  business is your livelihood and […]

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