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  1. Is Our Sharing Economy Creating New Risks For You?

    by Bob Lilly

    Uber, Airbnb and VRBO may increase your Texas  personal liability risk We live in a digital world that now allows us to share everything from our car, bike, boat, apartment and even our home with total strangers. Smart phones, and the applications that can be added, offer many useful tools, but some of these things […]

  2. Common Texas Auto Insurance Claims

    by Bob Lilly

    Texas Auto Insurance Auto insurance plays an important role in society. It protects you from liability and covers the damage in the event of an accident.  Remember each auto insurance policy is different, and if you purchased your auto insurance online you may not have proper coverage. Claims will be paid based on your individual […]

  3. Drive Your Auto Insurance Premiums Into Your Pocket

    by Bob Lilly

    Auto Insurance As an independent agent we can shop many Texas auto insurance companies and bring you the best possible combination of price, coverage, and service. There are a number of things that we consider to help you get the best Texas auto insurance for your needs. Taking advantage of low mileage drivers — Some auto […]

  4. Here Is A Good Reason To Have Texas Auto Insurance

    by Bob Lilly

    Texas Automobile Theft According to the Federal Bureau of Investigation, an automobile is stolen in the United States approximately every 45 seconds, with total losses of over $4 billion a year.  One in 200 people will be a victim of automobile theft with higher odds in urban areas. Depending on the make and model of […]

  5. Proven Ways To Really Mess Up Your Texas Personal Insurance

    by Bob Lilly

    Get The Right Texas Homeowner’s And Auto Insurance Many people often call our office with serious problems with their homeowner’s, auto or renter’s insurance. These problems often involve an accident or loss that was not covered, which could have been covered if our agency was involved. Selecting your personal insurance can be one of the […]

  6. We Live In a Digital Insurance Age

    by Bob Lilly

    Insurance and Information Technology According to the latest numbers, 80% of Texans use the internet to shop, socialize or educate them themselves. This number includes people shopping for Texas personal insurance.  The rise of the internet has changed the way that people get information and share it with each other. The internet affects everything from […]

  7. Top Ten Reason Why Your Texas Auto Insurance Premium Increases

    by Bob Lilly

    Auto Insurance There are many reasons why your Texas auto insurance premiums go up. Some of the reasons are known by everyone.  For example, tickets and accidents are the most common reason your auto insurance premiums go up. In 2013 more than one-third of U.S. consumers say their insurance costs grew in 2013. 62 percent […]

  8. When Is A Good Time To Increase Deductibles On My Texas Auto Insurance?

    by Bob Lilly

    Category: Blog


    We are all looking for ways to save money.  MRD Insurance works hard to offer the best combination of pricing and coverage to all our clients. We recommend that you review your auto insurance program annually to make sure your insurance is meeting your changing needs.  Considering changes in deductibles should be part of this process. Increasing […]

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